It is an oriented, larch church from the 18th century with a log-framed structure built on a stone underpinning. In 1860 a characteristic bulbous tower with a lantern and a signature inside adjoined the sanctuary. The church roof is covered with shingles. During the war, in the years 1941–43, the occupiers used the sanctuary as a grain warehouse. The latest renovation works in 1997 restored the original design to the building. The rich interior design comes from various periods (16th–19th century). The main altar is a triptych presenting an image of the Mother of God with Child, reliefs, and a range of other ornaments. Also, the sculptures and the Baroque–Classicistic pulpit deserve special attention. Next to the church there is a wooden bell tower from 1727 with two bells: the big bell of St. Magdalena and the smaller one of St. Stanislaus).